Spelldawn is a digital card game based on Richard Garfield's 1996 cyberpunk masterpiece Netrunner and its 2012 Fantasy Flight Games remake Android: Netrunner. If Netrunner is like Magic: The Gathering, then Spelldawn is like Hearthstone: a version of the game that’s simplified for fast play on mobile devices, but which preserves the core gameplay elements.

Screenshot of a game in progress

Spelldawn is a trading card game. As you play, you will collect cards which you can trade with other players, putting an emphasis on your ability to build decks with the cards you have instead of following an existing metagame. Periodic "seasons" will challenge you to start this process over with an empty collection.

The game is open source under the Apache License version 2.0, although the client uses proprietary art assets under the terms of the Unity Asset Store License. Spelldawn is and always will be free to play and will never sell cards in-game.

To learn more, check out the How to Play page. To get involved in contributing to the project see, see Contributing Code. For information about how to follow progress on the project, look at the Community section.